Create a Report

Use this form to create a provenance Report to be stored in the PROMS server.
Input validation will ensure that the Report is valid.

Report Author:
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Report Details

Only Basic and External Reports are allowed using this form.
A simple label for the Report. Can be the same for multiple Reports where systems are reporting multiple times.
An ID for this Report assigned by the system you are reporting for. If no ID is known (e.g. for a manual process), use the word "none".
Reporting System:
You must have already registered a Reporting System for this Report. See the Reporting System registration page.

Activity Details

A simple description of the task this Report is for in one or two sentences.
Started At Time:
The time at which the Activity started.
Ended At Time:
The time at which the Activity ended.


Datasets Used:
Choose from the list of datasets known to this PROMS instance or add in your own details. Registered datasets are those already known to the PROMS server.

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Datasets Generated:
Add details about entity (dataset, report, etc) created